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  • Domestic Electrical Installations

    Domestic electrical installations are within the scope of the Building Regulations. All new domestic electrical installations, together with specific alterations and additions to current installations, will have to be inspected and comply with strict electrical safety performance standards.

    From 1st January 2005 a new section of the Building Regulations came into force affecting the installation of electrical fixed wiring in and around domestic dwellings. It is now a LEGAL requirement for Electricians in carrying out electrical installation work to comply with 'Part P' of the Building Regulations.

    • Applicable Building Regulations.

    • Electrical Safety Legislation and Regulations.

    • Standards and Terminology.

    • Pre-work Survey and Inspection.

    • Safe Isolation Procedure.

    • Identification of unsafe electrical situations.

    • Earthing and bonding requirements.

    • Electrical test procedures.

    • Cable and component selection.

    • Installation and replacement of electrical components.

    • Recording of electrical test results and completion of certification.

    • Installing and/or re-routing cables.

    • Special locations.

    • New circuit arrangements.

    • Lighting installations.

    • Maintenance.

    • Supplies.

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