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  • Intruder alarm systems

    Malbri Electrical provides a comprehensive range of professional intruder alarm detection systems and equipment.   We also offer a free design and advisory service.

    Each system is individually designed and conforms to BS 4737 and SSAIB requirements.  We install external detection systems as well as those designed to cover the perimeter and internal areas of a building, using equipment from manufacturers with a proven record of reliability and continuous R&D.  We are therefore able to combine a guarantee of quality with the highest standards of customer service.


    CCTV is widely recognised as an effective and cost-efficient method of observation and surveillance of remote, concealed or vulnerable areas, both for domestic use and for commercial and industrial premises. 

    CCTV technology enables operators to monitor events in real time, as well as at a later date using Hard drive units.  At Malbri Electrical we keep up to date with technology advances in this field and the many CCTV and integrated systems now available, specialising in matching these systems to individual client requirements.

    Access control

    Access control is a means of controlling the entry to any building or vulnerable area by giving authorised people easy access, but excluding those who lack authorisation.  It is an important feature not only in the fight against crime, but also in the need for greater security and protection in the working environment, particularly in relation to theft and vandalism.

    Malbri Electrical has the expertise to install and maintain a comprehensive range of access control systems.

    Security lighting

    Good security lighting around domestic and commercial buildings, as well as in public outdoor spaces such as car parks and railway stations, provides reassurance, convenience and safety.